professional floor grinding machines from htc - htc superfloor

Professional floor grinding machines from HTC - HTC Superfloor

The HTC 400 is a very powerful grinder with a large grinding disc and high grinding capacity. The HTC 280 is a small, agile floor grinder with a 2.2 kW motor that’s just right for simpler floor stripping or grinding. The grinder can also be easily reconfigured for edge grinding. HTC’s unique floor concept, HTC Superfloor™ , is a high-quality, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective polished concrete floor that is on the way to becoming an international standard. Certified contractors guarantee a perfect result. HTC EZwood™ is a completely unique wood grinding concept. Surface-grinding a wooden floor provides The HTC grinding machines, and diamond based grinding tools, are perfect for among others preparation of a floor (Floorprep), renovation of natural stone floors, creating stunning concrete floors (HTC Superfloor™). Our grinding guides helps you getting the perfect result. Downloads.

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htc superfloor - polished concrete floors in london, surrey

htc superfloor - Polished Concrete Floors in London, Surrey

With diamond polished concrete floors, you can play a notable role in taking care of the environment as you will slow down the rubbish addition in landfills. The use of HTC Superfloor equipment We work with a highly sophisticated HTC Superfloor machine and a diamond tool cut to ensure that the work runs seamlessly. HTC Superfloor™ Polished Concrete (7 step process) 50-75 Terrazzo New Construction (1st step only) 50 Concrete Grind (1 step process) 275-300 Glue Removal (1 step process) 250 Paint Removal (1 step process) 275 * Production numbers may vary according to surface conditions, diamonds used, equipment operator, etc. Experts in Polished Concrete, HTC Superfloor, General Floor Preparation and Specialist Diamond Floor Grinding Equipment Hire. We deliver across the UK Our Floor Grinding Equipment Hire is Available Nationwide .

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htc superfloor | concrete grinding & polishing | ld floors

HTC Superfloor | Concrete Grinding & Polishing | LD Floors

A HTC SUPERFLOOR™ is a very cost-effective solution – for the short term, long term and everything in between. The cost per square meter is surprisingly low, since the concrete is usually already in place. But HTC Superfloor™ is also a smart alternative for new construction since grinding can begin just 5–7 days after casting. An attractive and powerful alternative to untouched concrete, HTC Superfloor concrete floors are ground and polished using purpose built machines and diamond tools. This process removes the surface paste of standard concrete, revealing and enhancing the stronger aggregate beneath giving a high performance floor finish. The technique used to create a HTC Superfloor™ is revolutionary. The application of HTC’s machines and diamond tools to mechanically polish and grind concrete floors creates both a hard wearing strong concrete floor and an elevated, shiny, and environmentally friendly surface.

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welcome to superb flooring systems - superfloor

Welcome to Superb Flooring Systems - Superfloor

Superb Flooring Systems is the sole distributor for HTC Superfloor• products in South Africa. By becoming partners with PMSA, Superb Flooring Systems has increased its knowledge of concrete and building with concrete. That is why, when you buy an HTC product from Superb Flooring Systems you can rest assured that you are in expert hands. An HTC Superfloor™ will really make you appreciate the advantages of having concrete as an exposed floor surface. Dirty, grey floors are transformed into brilliant, easy-clean, environmentally-friendly and durable floor surfaces. Contact us today for a free site visit and quotation – 0800 083 8071. HTC’s machines and diamond tools cut and First the concrete slab is treated with a densifier, to harden the concrete. Then it’s ground and polished using HTC Superfloor™ machines fitted with diamond tools. At least four grinding steps are required to complete the polished concrete floor process. Each step utilises a progressively finer grit level to achieve the finish required:

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htc grinding & polishing machine (htc 1500 ixt) | maiyer craft

HTC Grinding & Polishing Machine (HTC 1500 ixT) | Maiyer Craft

A concrete grinder for large areas. The HTC 1500 ixT is a ride-on concrete grinder for both large and smaller areas. It rotates 180° on the spot. The grinder’s grinding head consists of two modified 650 HDX heads, the grinding width is around 1.4 m and the motors are 11 kW each. This concrete grinder is incredibly effective and grinds large Polished Concrete. Floor Grinding NT are also HTC Superfloor (TM) accredited. We provide a complete concept for polishing concrete. A premium polished concrete is a mechanically refined concrete floor. This method involves removing the surface paste and exposing the underlying stronger concrete. The extensiveness of the work involved depends on • Most existing floors & walls can be polished subject to survey. • Concrete polished to reflect marble or granite finish. • Concrete can be stained to desired colour. • Stain protection options are available. • Hard wearing with low maintenance. • HTC superfloor system. • 99% dust free, latest dust extraction system used.

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htc | concrete floor preparation | polishing

HTC | Concrete Floor Preparation | Polishing

Superb Flooring Systems (Pty) Ltd is the sole distributor for HTC Superfloor• products, Twister and the full HTC range of grinding machines. Twister Floor Cleaning Pads • Just Add Water As part of the offering for Concrete, Grinding and Polishing, we offer Twister, the leading and best technology available for daily and periodic maintenance Specialising in Polished concrete floors, we pride ourselves in creating a classic and minimalistic alternative to untouched concrete. Polished concrete floors are highly durable and act as exceptional heat conductors. We use the latest HTC technology and machines to achieve the HTC Superfloor to bring out the strength in your polished concrete Grinding depth.The grinding depth will affect how much the stones inside the concrete are exposed and therefore results in in variations of the aesthetical appearance of the final polished flooring surface. The HTC Superfloor method used by Hard Yards is available in four different concepts to suit varying tastes and purposes.

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concrete grinding and polishing, nelson

Concrete Grinding and Polishing, Nelson

The Concrete Cutter 2014 Ltd, based in Nelson, is as a certified contractor of the HTC Superfloor™ system, we offer a comprehensive concrete floor grinding and polishing service. HTC Superfloor™ is a complete concept for polishing concrete. The method mechanically refines the concrete surface by removing the top cement paste and exposes the HTC Superfloor™ is the revolutionary flooring concept with a technique that makes concrete more than just strong and hard-wearing. The technique is as simple as it is ingenious. HTC’s machines and diamond tools grind and polish concrete floors to remove the surface paste and expose the stronger concrete beneath. Want Polished Concrete Floor? Get HTC Superfloor™!. HTC Superfloor™ is a new sophisticated system involving specially designed polishing and grinding HTC machines and the best diamond tools. - PR10212636

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husqvarna hiperfloor® - durable concrete floor polishing

Husqvarna HIPERFLOOR® - durable concrete floor polishing

By mechanically refining the already hard concrete surface through grinding, polishing and chemical treatments, we can bring virtually any surface to a whole new level of beauty, functionality and strength. With different specified processes, a flooring solution can be tailored to fit any requirement – aesthetics, floor flatness, gloss and price. HTC Superfloor. At Set in Stone Flooring we produce the highest quality polished concrete floors with the best materials and machines. Polished concrete floors are now appearing everywhere, from domestic property to retail stores, educational environments to healthcare centres. Polished concrete floors are easy to clean, hard-wearing and durable. This process uses concrete grinding machines to remove old or unwanted concrete or coatings. This is done using either hand-held or massive 4-head planetary grinders, on up to our impressive 8-head HTC 1500 ride-on grinder. These concrete grinding machines use 3 phase power with up to 11 HP motors spinning 3 or 4 heads on a planetary head.

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hastings surface preparation port macquarie – concrete

Hastings Surface Preparation Port Macquarie – Concrete

Our services include residential and commercial concrete polishing, industrial superfloor, floor levelling, diamond grinding, scarifying & coating removal, line removal, concrete sealing. We are Husqvarna Hiperfloor and HTC Superfloor Certified and use state of the art HTC and Husqvarna Branded machinery with HEPA class dust extractors. Strong Polished Concrete floors that are easy to maintain and made to last. Our floors are characterised by up to 400% increase in abrasion resistance, increased hardness and density, impact resistance and more than 30% increase in light reflectivity. HTC Superfloor is the revolutionary flooring concept with a technique that makes concrete more than just strong and hard wearing. The technique is as simple as it is ingenious. Our HTC's machines and diamond tools grind and polish concrete floors to remove the surface paste and expose the stronger concrete beneath.

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pj ryan terrazzo

PJ Ryan Terrazzo

The HTC superfloor method mechanically refines the concrete surface by removing the top cement paste and exposing the underlying stronger concrete. Polished concrete is created using HTC Superfloor, a process of concrete grinding and polishing using diamond tooling and specialists grinding machines. The result is a glossy concrete floor with a Although polished concrete and epoxy flooring has now become one of the preferred and leading flooring choices on the market for both builders and individuals, there is still some confusion as to the processes involved in different finishes. Grind and seal concrete is a cheaper alternative to mechanical. It is produced by the process of Floorovation Polished Concrete is a breakthrough product that relies on the inherent and immense strength of concrete to create longer lasting and better looking floors. After grinding away the surface layer to expose the hard concrete underneath, Corrocare takes floors through a rigorous, multi-step process that includes grinding and polishing

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