sandpaper and grinding discs - summit racing

Sandpaper and Grinding Discs - Summit Racing

Find Sandpaper and Grinding Discs 36 Sandpaper Grit Grading and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Here’s what comes in your paint bodywork combos from Summit: 6 in. 40, 80, 150 and 320-grit sanding discs, 80, 180, and 220-grit sandpaper rolls, Dura-Block short and long sanding blocks, U.S Sandpaper and Grinding Discs (1,010) Paint Guns (430) Paint Gun Needles and Nozzles (406) Paint, Touch Up (349) Pinstriping Brushes and Quills (293) Cleaning Solutions (292) Airbrush Components (244) Airbrush Painting Templates (199) Adhesives and Sealants (138) Paint Gun Replacement Parts (127) Buffing, Polishing & Applicator Pads (122) Show

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what's the difference between sanding grits?

What's the difference between sanding grits?

The differences between the two scales is minimal in the coarser grits. In finer grits, a P-scale sandpaper will be coarser compared to an ANSI sandpaper with the same grit number. When choosing sandpaper above P600 or its equivalent, it’s very important to know which scale it is. A mistake here could ruin your paint job. Summit Racing AB2QC50GZ Sandpaper Discs, Quick-Change, 2 in. Diameter, 50 Grit, Zirconia Aluminum Oxide, Set of 25. Please Click on the "Read More" link for additional details about this item. Thank you, Summit Racing Equipment. The World's Speed Shop Since 1968. 4. Never attempt to modify or adapt a sander or polisher for use with a grinding wheel or cut-off wheel or wire brush. 5. Only personnel trained in the correct methods to change pads, sanding discs, sanding belts and polishing bonnets should conduct these operations. Model No. Free Speed (RPM) Pad Size (in.) Spindle Thread (in.) Orbit (in

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accessories abrasive discs | makita


794607-9. COMPARE. Quick View BUY NOW. 6" Round Abrasive Disc, Hook & Loop, 40 Grit, 10/pk. 794523-A-50. COMPARE. Quick View BUY NOW. 5" Round Abrasive Disc, Hook & Loop, 100 Grit, 50/pk. 794523-A. Find Parts and Accessories Tools and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Find Carborundum Abrasives Sandpaper and Grinding Discs and get Free Shipping on Orders Over 99 at Summit Racing Limestone Stone Crusher Feeding Size: 65-300mm Carborundum Grinding Disc Back Up Pads - Abrasives R Us

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hook & loop discs | empire abrasives

Hook & Loop Discs | Empire Abrasives

Also known as hook and loop sandpaper, this is a type of sanding disc made for easy attachment and removal to your power tools like an orbital sander, for example. One side has an abrasive material attached to it while the reverse has a hook and loop backing (much like standard Velcro) to attach to your orbital sander or disc sander. Our 2.75-inch sandpaper rolls are a popular choice for those who want to cut the exact amount they need to use on a sanding block. Other types include sanding discs, sanding belts and sanding bands for mechanical sanders plus hand pads and abrasive cylinders. Coarse-Grit Sandpaper: Extra-abrasive (40-400-grit) sheets and sanding discs like those from 3M, carborundum abrasives, or Summit Racing are appropriate for rust removal and rough prep. As you proceed, move to higher-grit sheets to get the smooth finish you’re looking for.

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