diamond abrasive tooling for concrete- werkmaster.com

Diamond Abrasive Tooling for Concrete- WerkMaster.com

Diamond abrasive tooling for grinding and polishing concrete, terrazzo, stone & hardwood surfaces. Our diamond abrasive tooling is designed specifically for WerkMaster Machines. Effectively remove thin set, epoxy, glue, paint, mastic, and micro toppings. Run wet or dry on concrete, stone, hardwood, terrazzo or VCT tile. WERKMASTER Diamond Abrasive Tooling, Concrete Grinding tools, concrete polishing tools, Concrete Surface Profile, Epoxy & Paint Removal, Glue & Mastic Removal, Terrazzo Restoration, Stone Refurbishing, Scrubbing & Buffing Pads Look to WerkMaster for award-winning floor grinding machines. We have everything you need for surface preparation to floor refinishing on residential, retail, commercial and industrial jobs. Our machines are ideal for concrete, terrazzo, stone, hardwood and VCT. No need to get on your knees with a small hand grinder to grind the edges of a room.

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replaced werkmaster diamond abrasive tooling for concrete

Replaced WERKMASTER Diamond Abrasive Tooling for concrete

Replaced WERKMASTER Diamond Abrasive Tooling for concrete, terrazzo and stone. <. >. - WERKMASTER. We carry a large variety of diamond abrasive tooling for WerkMaster machines. We work hard to develop tooling that gives you the best performance and square foot value. Our tooling can transform any floor quickly and easily and keep yourthe hardness of the concrete before starting the job. • After 15-20 minutes of initial grinding on each new surface, machines should be shut off, unplugged and tilted back to inspect tooling for overheating, glazing and wear. • Using the minimum tooling requirement may result in excessive tool wear. Find the right diamond abrasive for grinding and polishing concrete, terrazzo & stone using WerkMaster Machines. Find tooling for Surface Preparation and 1-866-373-WERK

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