outer blade cutting wheel and making method - shin-etsu


A method for preparing an outer blade cutting wheel comprising providing a base in the form of an annular thin disc of cemented carbide having an outer diameter of 80 to 200 mm defining an outer periphery, an inner diameter of 30 to 80 mm, and a thickness of 0.1 to 1.0 mm, and brazing abrasive grains with a metal bond onto the outer periphery of said base to form a layer in which the abrasive grains are bound with the metal bond, the abrasive grains comprising diamond grains, CBN grains or aA slicing method comprising winding a wire around a plurality of grooved rollers and pressing the wire against an ingot to be sliced into wafers while supplying a slurry for slicing to the grooved rollers and causing the wire to travel, wherein a supply temperature of the slurry for slicing is controlled, and slicing is performed in such a manner that the supply temperature of the slurry for slicing and a temperature of the ingot become at least 30° C. or above at end of slicing the ingot. . . . . . . Rotatable-swingable input device and electronic apparatus equipped with the same A rotatable-swingable input device that has high reliability at low cost and that impr

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