molemab power discs catalog | grinding (abrasive cutting

Molemab POWER Discs Catalog | Grinding (Abrasive Cutting

Molemab is the leading Italian company in designing, developing and manufacturing abrasive tools. Power Range includes cutting, grinding, snagging and finishing of metals, alloys, wood and fibres. Xforce and Zforce ranges include superior quality cutting, grinding and flap discs for professional applications on steel and stainless steel. Molemab discs feature the oSa mark (Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives). This independent corporation controls and certifies only the products manufactured following the EEC laws and quality standards. Molemab abrasive discs are manufactured according to the EN 12413 regulation, using the best European raw materials. Open the catalog to page 1. 2 3 Knoop Hardness (kg/mm2) Years of experience have enabled Molemab to become one of the leading manufacturers of Vitrified CBN and Diamond grinding wheels. The success of this product is the result of continuous intensive research into the development of bond systems tailor made to suit individual superabrasive grits. This includes very tough blocky CBN grits, friable lower fracture strength CBN grits or the equivalent Diamond grits.

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all molemab catalogs and technical brochures

All MOLEMAB catalogs and technical brochures

All MOLEMAB catalogs and technical brochures. Xforce range catalogue - Reinforced discs and flap discs. 16 Pages. Power range catalogue - Reinforced discs and flap discs. 16 Pages. Superabrasives catalogue. 5 Pages. Presentazione Molemab. 8 Pages. Cutting and grinding discs Mounted points and carbide burrs Every Molemab product is manufactured in accordance to international standards of European safety organisations (FEPA – Association of the European Abrasives Manufacturers and O.S.A. – Organisation for the Safety in Abrasives) and of American (A.N.S.I. – American NationalPOWER CUTTING AND GRINDING DISCS HOW TO READ LABELS AND SPEED Molemab discs labels are designed according to regulation EN 12413 and oSa recommendations HARDNESS APPLICATION Stainless Steel Centre Cutting All the abrasive discs are supposed to be used at the maximum speed shown on the labels and packaging The colour of the central stripe changes according to the maximum peripheral speed allowed Blue (50 m/s], Yellow (63 m/s], Red (80 m/s], Green (100 The maximum speed is shown both in rpm

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