flap wheels | norton abrasives

Flap Wheels | Norton Abrasives

Norton flap wheels are typically used in metal fabrication and welding applications especially when you need a conformable product that can grind and polish intricate shapes and contours. A continuous series of individual flaps work to provide a uniform finish as the flaps wear away to expose fresh abrasive. FLAP WHEEL 120 GRIT 1 X 1. These tightly packed and bonded sheets of resin bonded aluminum oxide are great for sanding, shaping and polishing all types of materials. Especially good for removing paint and rust. 1/4" shank works in any drill, drill press, flexible shaft, lather... $6.59. Our metal polishing compounds are used with airway buffing wheels to increase the effectiveness of the wheel while being used during the cutting, buffing, and polishing process. Some are of a coarser consistency and are usually used to remove scratches while the others are finer, which lends to them being used to shine and finish your work.

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a guide to buffing and polishing wheels | how to choose the

A Guide to Buffing and Polishing Wheels | How to Choose the

These flap wheels incorporate the abrasive granule aluminum oxide that gives them their name directly into the wheel, making them a two and one kind of buffing wheel. You can use these versatile wheels on watch bands or for light de-burring and polishing work on non-ferrous metals. Polishing and finishing requires the use of various type of wax compound and polishing wheels to achieve the desire finish. BCL Technologies Pte Ltd have a wide range of wax compound for various finishes. We carry a wide variety of Buffing and Polishing products designed to color, polish and finish with ease. Choose from Treated, Sisal, Cotton, sewn and loose. Finish your project off the right way, start shopping top of the line Buffing and Polishing tools today!

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