metal cutting discs - as 60 t inox 1 mm – dronco gmbh

Metal cutting discs - AS 60 T INOX 1 mm – DRONCO GmbH

AS 60 T INOX 1 mm Power-Pack Tin. Each box includes 10 metal cutting discs AS 60 INOX 1mm. 10 cutting discs in the attractive and popular metal box. A big seller for guaranteed increased turnover. PDF data sheet A 60 R 1 mm. Thin-walled profiles and sheet metals in structural and container work. Is often used in car-body building. Suitable for stainless steel as well. The economic alternative for thin steel cutting discs. Good cutting ability with a good lifetime, manufactured in 1 mm. PDF data sheet. back. Dronco - 1mm - Inox Thin Steel Cutting Discs - 10 Discs + 1 FREE. This is a very thin disc (1.0mm) enables you to achieve a uniquely clean cut in the shortest possible time while using a minimum of force. Precise to the millimetre, vibration-free cutting, no thermal bluing & no burring (precluding the need for subsequent machining).

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metal cutting discs - as 60 w ht 1 mm – dronco gmbh

Metal cutting discs - AS 60 W HT 1 mm – DRONCO GmbH

AS 60 W HT 1 mm. For thin sheets, steel ropes, thin-walled profiles and pipes made of steel or stainless steel. The bond of this high performance cutting disc was developed in the laboratory of DRONCO with the aim of an especially cool cut and was completed just in time for our 50th anniversary. In combination with a ceramic coated grain of the latest generation, a new high end tool was born: The 1 mm cutting disc Evolution AS 60 W HT Jubilee. AS 60 V 1 mm. Thin sheet metal, steel ropes, thin-walled profiles and tubes made of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals, composite materials. Top class 1mm cutting disc in best quality. For precision cutting accurate to the millimetre an extremely fast cutting with minimum power consumption. No burring, no blue thermal discolouration. In the Special-Line, special types of corundum and bonds are used depending on the type of application. This maximizes performance, increases service life and effectiveness, and reduces working hours. This very thin disc (1.0 mm) enables a uniquely clean cut with minimal effort in the shortest possible time.

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