good quality vitrified diamond grinding wheels ohio

Good Quality Vitrified Diamond Grinding Wheels Ohio

Our Vitrified Diamond grinding wheels Ohio are proven winners for grinding difficult materials in sensitive applications like flame sprayed materials and PCD & PCBN. We divide our vitrified diamond product line into 2 categories: Ceramics and Diamond. 100 Hardness Vitrified Diamond Grinding Wheels Good Sharpening For Universal JointContact Now. 1. Vitrified ceramic bond diamond wheel for universal Joint grinding 2. Application: Mainly used in the field of Automobile, such as CV Joint, Startlike Sleeve, Inner and outter race, Case,etc. 3. JDR Diamond Tools Co.,Ltd is best Industrial Diamond Grinding Wheels, Vitrified Diamond Grinding Wheels and Metal Bonded Diamond Grinding Wheels supplier, we has good quality products & service from China.

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vitrified bonded diamond grinding wheels supplier

Vitrified Bonded Diamond Grinding Wheels Supplier

1 Vitrified bond has high strength and good bonding with diamond grains. It can avoid diamond grains falling off early when grinding and make the grinding wheel fully play the role of grinding. 2 Vitrified diamond wheels have high strength and mostly used in high-speed grinding. There are often some sudden loads and impact forces. Vitrified grinding wheels can also be used in the fabrication of natural diamond, as well as many dense ceramic materials. The very nature of vitrified bonds allows for the custom tailoring of a grinding wheel structure specific to a customer's material and grinding process, resulting in an efficient grinding process where wheel life and cycle times are optimized for lowest costs and highest work piece quality. 1) Vitrified bond features larger brittleness, poor fatigue resistance, and poor impact resistance. 2) The manufacturing technology of low temperature firing vitrified bond for diamond & CBN is much more complicated than that of traditional resin and metal bond. 3)The grinding performance of the vitrified bond grinding wheel is between that of

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