mounted flap wheels | norton abrasives

Mounted Flap Wheels | Norton Abrasives

Mounted flap wheels use a retainer nut to securely lock the wheel onto the machine to meet machine need. A continuous series of individual flaps work to provide a uniform finish as the flaps wear away to expose fresh abrasive. Three mounting options are available to ensure our flap wheels can fit a variety of different machines. 3" Diam x 1" Face Width, Medium Aluminum Oxide Coated Mounted Flap Wheel 1/4" Shank Mount, 60 Grit, Cloth Backing, 20,000 Max RPM. MSC# 09608746 Merit Abrasives (08834137450) In Stock.

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mounted flap wheels - grainger industrial supply

Mounted Flap Wheels - Grainger Industrial Supply

Flap wheels with higher abrasive grit numbers are fine and commonly used for cleaning, texturing, and finishing. Flap wheels with lower numbers are coarse and used for smoothing, grinding, and blending applications. Mounted flap wheels are abrasives that feature flaps arranged on a spindle in a fan pattern. It is made to be attached to a drill or die grinder and is ideal for use on contoured surfaces or in pipes and tubing. BLUESHARK Mounted Abrasives Flap Wheels are designed for grinding and polishing steel,stainless steel surface with flexible performance.

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