mirka bulldog gold sandpaper & sanding discs

Mirka Bulldog Gold Sandpaper & Sanding Discs

The Beaver Tools Network featues Mirka Bulldog Gold Sandpaper, which is a light, flexible latex paper suited for both dry and wet sanding. Buy Online Now! Mirka Bulldog Gold Sandpaper & Sanding Discs Mirka Bulldog sandpaper and sanding discs are available in sheets, 5-inch linkrol discs, Bulldog Gold drip discs, Bulldog Gold PSA discs and Bulldog Gold hole discs. The sheets are 9” x 11” and vary in grit range and quantity, while the 5-inch discs come in 100 per box and have grit ranges from 80 to 800. The Mirka Bulldog Gold 5-Inch 8-Hole 60-Grit Grip Vacuum Discs provide a fast and exceptionally long-lasting cut. This high-strength resin bond system features a special sharp, durable aluminum oxide grain. The durable aluminum oxide, combined with urea resin over glue bonds and an open coat, creates a high performance sandpaper.

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mirka bulldog gold abrasive discs 5" hook and loop no hole 80

Mirka Bulldog Gold Abrasive Discs 5" Hook And Loop No Hole 80

This item Mirka Bulldog Gold Abrasive Discs 5" Hook And Loop No Hole 80 Grit (50 Count) Mirka 23-388-080 5" 80 Grit No-Hole Adhesive Sanding Discs - 100 Pack Mirka 23-614-080 5" 5-Hole 80 Grit Dustless Hook & Loop Sanding Discs - 50 Pack The Bulldog discs stay secure in one position and don’t easily move. When choosing hook and loop sanding discs, you have the option to choose between several different holes. Long-Lasting and Efficient. The Bulldog Gold discs from Mirka give you long-lasting and fast cuts. Mirka 23-332-080 5" Bulldog Gold (No-Hole) 80 Grit PSA Sanding Discs - 100 Discs per Box. BHA 5" Inch Discs On a Roll PSA Gold Adhesive Back DA Sanding Paper (120 Grit) - 100 Pack.

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