1-1/2" carbide cutting wheel - duragrit - amazing carbide

1-1/2" Carbide Cutting Wheel - DuraGRIT - Amazing Carbide

The Best Carbide Cutting Wheel. CW5 - Carbide Cutting Wheel. 1-1/2” (38mm) The best carbide cutting wheel for everyday use, with a thinner kerf and a deeper cut! Use this wheel for cutting most household materials including: Hard and soft woods, MDF & Pine moulding, Fiberglass molds, ABS plumbing, PVC piping, Rubber hose, Plastic garden hose, Engineered wood floor, Laminate ‘click’ floor, and more! Tungsten Carbide Industrial Tools. Great for 1/4'' chucks and Industrial Hydraulic Drills. Speeds up to 20,000 RPM! High Speed Rotary Carbide Tool Sets. Versatile, long life carbide tool sets! Tool Demonstration Videos. Watch Demo Videos of DuraGRIT Carbide Tools in Action! Cut, Shape & Finish all with 1 tool! CW1 - Carbide Cutting / Shaping Wheel. 1” (25mm) FEATURES & BENEFITS: 1" carbide cutting/shaping wheel for DIY, modeling and smaller work pieces in tight spaces. Cuts, shapes & finishes in one operation. Carbide grit on the edge and both faces. Can be ‘pushed and pulled’ to create pockets and hollows.

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dura-grit sr-set-5cw 5-pc. carbide cutting wheel set

Dura-Grit SR-SET-5CW 5-pc. Carbide Cutting Wheel Set

This set includes a 1-1/2" 60-grit cutting wheel (cuts material up to 5/8" thick quickly and cleanly); a 1-1/4" 60-grit carbide cutting/shaping wheel (cuts up to 1/2" deep); a 1-1/4" 60-grit carbide mushroom shaping wheel (gives you rapid material removal and a smooth sanded finish in one operation); a 1" 80-grit cutting wheel (cut and sand to a smooth finish in one step); and a 1-1/4" dia. x 1/16 (1.6mm) wide carbide non-sanded grout removal wheel (great for smaller jobs that don't requireModelling Carbide Hi Speed Rotary Tool Set. Regular price $119 99 $119.99. Sold Out.1-1/2" Carbide Cutting Wheel - 60 grit. Regular price $42 50 $42.50. Sold Out. DURA-GRIT CARBIDE BURS. LONG LIFE TUNGSTEN CARBIDE HIGH SPEED ROTARY TOOLS! 1/8" dia. Shafts - Run at Speeds Up To 35,000 RPM! Use on DREMEL, Foredom, WeCheer, Ryobi, Black & Decker and Other High Speed Rotary Tools! 1" DIAM. DURA-GRIT CUTTING WHEEL - 80 GRIT - 1/8" SHANK. 1/4" X 1/2" DIAM. CYLINDER DURA-GRIT BURR - 80 GRIT - 1/8" SHANK. 1" DIAM.

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