friable grinding wheels - finewoodworking

Friable grinding wheels - FineWoodworking

My first power grinder is on its way (Rikon 80-808) but I’m unclear about the included wheels. They are white aluminum oxide in two different grits. I’ll be using this grinder to put a hollow ground bevel on chisels and plane irons. My understanding from Asa’s Bench Grinder Basics video is that a “friable” wheel is preferable. Next, you’ll need to outfit your grinder with a cooler-running “friable” wheel. The standard grey wheel that comes packaged with most grinders generates way too much heat for woodworking tools. Most firable wheels are white aluminum-oxide, but Norton’s newer ceramic alumina “3X” wheels stay just as cool but are more durable and don’t need to be dressed as often. A grinder with two abrasive wheels (versus one with a single abrasive wheel and a wire wheel) allows you to use a coarse wheel for shaping and a finer one for honing.

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secrets of happy grinding | custom built furniture by jeffrey

Secrets of Happy Grinding | Custom Built Furniture by Jeffrey

Use a white (aluminum oxide) wheel, or other “friable” wheel. Friable means that as the abrasive particles at the wheel’s surface dull, they will break off and expose new, sharp abrasive particles. Sharper abrasives are more effective, reduce friction, and consequently limit the amount of heat buildup. Use a slower grinding speed. Cooler Norton 3x Wheels or Even Cooler Crowned CBN Wheels: The stock grinding wheels that come with the grinder are good for rough and non-ferrous grinding. We replace one of the grinding wheels with a CBN wheel for edge tools and grinding of ferrous materials. The CBN wheels run cooler, so you can grind without burning. Diamond Dresser: Ive been reading through the grinding wheel wobble posts. I've got a grinder (6" wheels w 1/2" arbor) & am in the market to purchase new wheels for sharpening blades & chisels. I plan on using it for removing stock on chipped blades & initial stage sharpening. I've seen so many bad re...

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