silicon carbide grinding wheels | mcmaster-carr

Silicon Carbide Grinding Wheels | McMaster-Carr

These wheels have a blend of aluminum oxide and silicon carbide abrasives for cutting ductile cast iron. ApplicationsAluminum OxideFor general purpose use.Silicon CarbideFor cemented carbides and non-ferrous metals. Bench Aluminum Oxide And Silicon Carbide Grinding Wheels JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Aluminum Oxide and Silicone Carbide Bench Grinding Wheels. Series "BG" Aluminum Oxide - Vitrified Bond. Inches. Metric. 24 Grit. 30 Grit. 36 Grit. 46 Grit.

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precision grinding wheels | carborundum abrasives united

Precision Grinding Wheels | Carborundum Abrasives United

The Carborundum Bench and Pedestal Wheel line has two abrasives to answer all your deburring, shaping and sharpening needs: aluminum oxide for high speed tool steels and other metals, and silicon carbide for non-ferrous metals. Reducing bushings are included with all Carborundum bonded abrasive bench and pedestal grinding wheels. CGW Bench Grinding Wheels - Aluminum Oxide. Bench & Pedestal Wheels. Type 1 - Straight vitrified wheels used for tool sharpening and grinding. Commonly used in maintenance departments, tool & die shops and metal fabrication shops. Aluminum oxide bench wheels for general purpose off-hand work. 6" - 14" Diameter 1/2" - 2" Thick Variable arbor sizes available in type c (a/o grain), type zee (premium zirconia grain)and type pz (zirconia grain) Aluminum oxide, vitrified bond for ferrous metal. Available 36, 60 and 80 grits. They come in sizes 5", 6" and 8". Designed for industrial use. Best use for sharpening tools, shaping, grinding and polishing metalAluminum oxide, vitrified bond for ferrous metal.

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