electroplated grinding wheels - forture tools

Electroplated Grinding Wheels - Forture Tools

Electroplated grinding wheels. Electroplated grinding wheels include diamond and CBN wheel, with all kinds of shapes and specifications.They are usually used for profile grinding operations,Most diamond and CBN abrasive grit are coated on steel body.No need dressing.The grinding wheels can be re-coated when the abrasive grit’s service life was end.When aggressive stock removal is required,electroplated grinding wheels are the best option. ASI’s Electroplated Diamond and CBN grinding tools are manufactured to your tolerances for new manufacture or can be stripped and re-plated to help you keep your bottom dollar down. The coating used securely anchors the crystal to provide excellent form holding and life, with no requirement of dressing. These plated tools maintain their shapeElectroplated diamond and CBN grinding wheels own characteristics of high grain density, sharp grinding, high ef fciency, good precision, without dressing etc. The products can be made into various shapes and they are suitable for special complicated profile, super-thin, especially small and other form grinding which have strict requirement on geometry shape and dimension.

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electroplated wheels available at eagle superabrasives, inc.

Electroplated Wheels Available at Eagle Superabrasives, Inc.

Since 1995, we have designed, engineered, and manufactured high precision Electroplated Diamond and CBN grinding wheels. With a single layer Electroplated Bond System, abrasive grains are attached to wheel cores with a very strong Nickel Matrix Coating that chemically and physically attaches the Diamond or CBN to the wheel body. Electroplated Grinding Wheels Coastal Diamond. Electroplated grinding wheels are and excellent option when an aggressive amount of stock removal is required A single, uniform layer of diamond or cubicboronnitride crystal is electroplated to a precision machined steel surface The electroplating process gives the most aggressive, open structure of all bonding methodsElectroplated DiamondStandard (off the shelve) electroplated diamond products include: diamond drills, diamond micro drills, ultra thin diamond blades, diamond burs, diamond grinding wheels, and much more. In addition to manufacturing standard electroplated diamond products, UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools can electroplate diamonds on just about any material or substrate per customer drawing and specifications.

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