makita usa - product details -a-90532

Makita USA - Product Details -A-90532

The Makita 12" (60T) Metal Cutting Saw Blade is ideal for making cuts in tubing, angle iron, channel and pipe. The carbide tooth design allows for burr-free cuts that are cool to the touch. Blade lasts 50 times longer than an equivalent abrasive wheel. Makita’s 12-Inch Metal Cutting Saw (model LC1230) delivers power and ease-of-use features for a range of industrial metal-cutting applications. It is ideal for cutting in pipe, angle iron, conduit, and more. 15 AMP Motor Delivers 1,700 RPM. The LC1230 is powered by a Makita-built 15 amp motor that delivers 1,700 rpm for improved performance. Metal cutting Cermet blades - for Cold saws. Cermet blades. Cutting quicker and cleaner,

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makita - accessory details - metal cutting blades - for cold saws

Makita - Accessory Details - Metal cutting blades - for Cold saws

Metal cutting blades - for Cold saws. Makita's range of steel cutting saw blades areCermet blades; Cutting quicker and cleaner, Makita metal cutting blades will outlast traditional abrasive discs up to 30 times; Low sparking and minimal dust production; Cool cuts with burr free edges; Reduced cost per cut 305mm Metal cutting blades - for Bench mounted Cold saws The MAKITA® SPECIALIZED Metal Cutting range of Circular Saw Blades is designed to cut ferrous metals faster and cleaner. With specially formulated carbide, combined with a special tip design which resists breakage on impact, these blades last longer when cutting mild steel, sheet, pipe, channel and threaded rod

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