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Abrasive Discs - PFE Technologies

Klingspor abrasive discs come in two forms – abrasive discs made of normal cloth or paper backing, or abrasive fibre discs made of a special fibre backing. Normal abrasive discs are commonly used with orbital sanders and may have hole patterns for dust extraction. They are also offered in self-adhesive or self-fastening backing for use in many machine types. Klingspor coated abrasives and sandpaper are well-known for their high performance and superior durability. Klingspor abrasive sheets and discs are ready-to-use out of the box in a range of sizes. Sheets are mostly used for hand sanding and are waterproof, and features a very large range of grit sizes. Discs are commonly used with orbital sanders and may have hole patterns for dust extraction. Grinding Discs. Polishing Compounds. All 57 / abrasive 57 / acetoxy 0 / acrylic 0 / adhesive 0 / anchor 0 / belt 16 / cutting 0 / cutting wheel 3 / cutting-off wheel 11 / disc 3 / exhibition 0 / fibre disc 2 / fire-rated 0 / foodsafe 0 / good adhesion to wood 0 / grinding disc 6 / gun 0 / high elasticity 0 / high temperature 0 / hybrid polymer 0 / low odour 0 / marketing 0 / moderate elasticity 0 / mop disc 3 / mop wheel 5 / neutral 0 / non-staining 0 / packaging 0 / paintable 0 / pereseal 0

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pfe technologies - abrasives, sealants, adhesives, pu foam

PFE Technologies - Abrasives, Sealants, Adhesives, PU Foam

Safe management measures in place. PFE Technologies Pte Ltd is an established distribution and manufacturing company producing and supplying abrasive, sealant, adhesive, and foam products. The company has owned, manufactured, marketed, and distributed the Pereseal range of sealants for over four decades. In addition, PFE Technologies holds the distribution rights to Soudal construction chemicals, Klingspor abrasives, and Vogel abrasives in Singapore and the region. Most Klingspor abrasive rolls feature backings that are highly flexible and high-strength, yet tearable. In Singapore, PFE Technologies Pte Ltd supports Klingspor customers with in-house abrasive roll conversion and customization, and can supply in a wide range of sizes and specifications. All. 5. / Abrasive rolls. Klingspor - PFE Technologies. Klingspor abrasives are high-quality, made-in-Germany products designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications. With a wide range of coated and bonded abrasives in the form of sandpaper rolls, belts, sheets, mop / flap discs and wheels, grinding discs, and cutting-off wheels, Klingspor provides sanding and abrasive solutions for industries requiring high performance products offering the best value.

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