makita - accessory details - zirconia alumina flap disc - flat

Makita - Accessory Details - Zirconia Alumina Flap disc - flat

80 Grit. Zirconia Alumina. D-27763. 180mm. Flap Disc. 120 Grit. Zirconia Alumina. AllIdeal for Stainless Steel, it is one of the most popular flap discs that can also be used onZirconia Alumina Flap disc - angled Ideal for Stainless Steel, it is one of the most popular flap discs that can also be used on other ferrous metals Angled for increased contact area

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details about makita 5 pack - 40 grit flap disc for grinders

Details about Makita 5 Pack - 40 Grit Flap Disc For Grinders

All of these Makita Flap Discs are constructed with Zirconia alumina (Z), which is ideal for Stainless Steel & Metal Applications, while working well with Non-Ferrous applications. Z40 Coarse Angled Flaps are ideal for Chamfering/Beveling & Weld Blending, allowing you to remove stock on flat or contoured, edge metal work surfaces at comfortable working angles. GRIND, CONDITION, DEBUR, REMOVE RUST & PAINT 3X LONGER than lower quality flap discs & 15X Longer than Fiber Resin Sanding Discs due to Makitas carefully selected Zirconia-Aluminum Oxide ingredients, Grain Grit & Proprietary Strong Bond Matrix, that gives this disc better grit-wear uniformity yielding better PERFORMANCE, STABILITY & LONGEVITY, allowing you to grind longer and more consistently than other discs in its class. 4 1/2" (115mm x 22.23mm) Angle Grinder 40 Grit Zirconia Aluminium Flap Disc. MAKITA. Ideal disc for heavy stock removal under high pressure and heat, for use on stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium, non-ferrous metals and alloys. It is also suitable for quick removal of wood. • Grinds as efficient as a bonded abrasive disc • Made from zir...

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