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Sanding Discs | Hook & Loop Sanding Disc | PSA Sanding Discs has the best deals on Sandpaper Discs. We provide Hook & Loop sandpaper discs in diameters that range from 2 inches up to 6 inches. We also sell large hook & loop sandpaper discs ranging from 7 inches up to 12 inches in diameter. For even bigger sanding discs, you can find large cloth sanding discs, go up to 30 inches in diameter! Sanding Discs. Uneeda offers a wide variety of sanding discs for every type of industry application, including woodworking, metalworking, automotive, marine and granite & marble. Our wide assortment of sanding discs available in PSA (Sticky Back), Uneevel (Hook & Loop) and plain backing offer the highest level of quality resulting in excellent abrasive life and superior quality finish. Comparing Sanding Disc Backings: (Cloth, Film, Hook & Loop, and PSA) Sanding discs are available in a variety of different backings, the most common of which are cloth, film, hook & loop, and PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive). Each one is designed to support quality results for certain materials and applications, so choosing the right one for its intended purpose is important for best results.

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Hook and Loop Sheets and Discs, Sanding Disc, Sheet, PSA Hook

8" - 12" HOOK & LOOP DISCS. RHYNOGRIP HOOK & LOOP SHEETS- 1/4 SHEET. RHYNOGRIP HOOK & LOOP SHEETS- 1/3 SHEET. RHYNOGRIP HOOK & LOOP SHEETS- 1/2 SHEET. SHEET HOOK ADAPTORS. 1 YARD X 1 YARD HOOK & LOOP SHEET. HOOK & LOOP DETAIL SANDING DISCS. 2" & 3" HOOK & LOOP BOWL SANDING KIT. PSA HOOK ADAPTORS. 5 in. 40 Grit Hook and Loop 5/8 Hole Sanding Discs, 5 Pk. (61) 5 in. 40 Grit Hook and Loop 5/8 Hole Sanding Discs, 5 Pk. $397. Currently Unavailable. Currently Unavailable. Add to My List. BAUER. 5 in. 40 Grit Hook and Loop Universal Pattern Sanding Discs, 15 Pk. Sanding Disc 6" x 6 Hole Grit #80 EKASTORM Hook & Loop. Code: M-165790_Group. Options. Sanding Disc 6" x 9 Hole Grit #80 FILMTEK Hook & Loop (Festool 5x9) Code: M-176611_Group. Options. Sanding Disc 5" x 5 Hole Grit #80 EKASTORM Hook & Loop. Code: M-164288_Group. Options.

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